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    CASLI Testing Begins At MUSLS!

    CASLI testing for sign language interpreters has arrived at the Sign Language Studies department at Madonna University. The department has been approved by CASLI to serve as a test site for the CASLI performance exams. Together with the knowledge exams, the performance exams a step toward certification for English/ASL interpreters by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

    Candidates complete the knowledge portion of the exam prior to the performance portion. The knowledge portion is proctored by a national testing company. The performance portion is proctored at sites throughout the United States. Proctors serve to oversee the testing process, ensuring the best possible experience for testers and the raters of the performance exam.

    The exam has been recently re-engineered to a streaming format. Specific technical requirements ensure candidates have a smooth streaming experience during the exam, and that the recording of the candidate’s performance is clear. To ensure the best possible experience, the SLS department purchased new computer and camera hardware and consulted with the university’s technology department. After months of evaluation, purchases, and testing, the dedicated testing room in the SLS suite passed all of the technical assessments. We’re ready to open our doors!

    The SLS Department offices and testing room.

    After receiving approval to open in late July, the site began testing in the first week of August. The SLS department has served as a test site for multiple state and national exams throughout its forty-eight year history. Proctors oversee the exams. Department chair, Danny McDougall, PhD, CSC, will serve as the proctor of the CASLI exams at Madonna University.

    For information about the CASLI test, see To learn more about the test site in the SLS department, see the proctor’s website at