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CASLI Testing At Madonna University

Have a question? Here are answers to some of the questions we’ve received about testing. For comprehensive information about tests offered through CASLI, see the CASLI website.

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What does the test include?

Our test site offers the CASLI Generalist Performance Exams (knowledge exams are proctored elsewhere). From CASLI:

“There are two CASLI Generalist Performance Exams. One assesses the tasks performed by a Deaf interpreter and the other assesses the tasks performed by a hearing interpreter. The CASLI Generalist Performance Exams are computer-based exams consisting of 6 video scenarios. The scenarios range from 5 to 20 minutes. Candidates are to interpret as appropriate using consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, sight translations or any combination thereof, within each scenario.”

See This CASLI Resource:

Are you only testing for the performance exam? Will you be testing for the knowledge exam, too?

CASLI has arranged for all knowledge exams to be taken at ScanTron facilities throughout the country. Only the performance exams are offered at partner proctoring sites like ours.

After purchasing the knowledge exam through CASLI, you can schedule the exam at one of ScanTron locations listed on this page.

Also See: Scheduling An Exam on the CASLI website.

Where can I go for a workshop?

As a test site, we don’t offer workshops about the exam. Those are traditionally offered by individual trainers and workshop presenters, and are promoted through state and local entities (e.g., state RID chapters, IEP/ITPs). The following exam preparation pages on the CASLI website are a useful starting point for learning about the exam:

How are accommodations made and what is the required documentation?

CASLI requires that all requests for accommodations be submitted to CASLI and approved prior to scheduling an appointment for an exam. To make a request, fill out this online form (provided by CASLI).

See Also: Scheduling An Appointment on the CASLI wesbite.

Is there a study booklet?

Yes, CASLI provides two helpful ways to begin your exam preparations. First is this Exam Outline and Preparation Guide. Information about the performance exams begins on page 4.

Next is an important resource that may not be immediately obvious on the CASLI website. Sample exams are provided to you within the CASLI Exam System.

See Exam Preparations on the CASLI website for detailed information.

Do you proctor other interpreter exams, like the BEI and EIPA?

We are a site for the CASLI performance exams at present. We have served as a test site for the Michigan BEI in the past; however, all testing is now conducted in state facilities. The EIPA is on our dream board, and we plan to assess our ability to proctor the EIPA once we have the CASLI site up and running.