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The Test Site

The test site is located in the Sign Language Studies department of Madonna University. The department is located in a suite that includes offices and class rooms designed with Deaf space concepts in mind.

A dedicated testing room features a wall-mounted television and is designed to provide a distraction-free experience. (Check out the video at right for a quick tour.)

Sites proctoring the CASLI performance exams must provide a suitable environment that meets several quality standards. Before each test, the proctor conducts four quality checks.

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Madonna University
Sign Language Studies
Suite 1405
36600 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia, Michigan 48150

Proctor & Administrator

The test site at Madonna University is administered by Danny McDougall, PhD, CSC — chair of the Sign Language Studies department and professor of interpreting. McDougall has proctored the iteration of the NIC exam prior to the CASLI exam, in addition to the Michigan BEI and Michigan QA (all at Madonna University).